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She is a Trustee of the centre as was previously Chair from to She is also on the team for our Newcomers Night.


Harsharatna meaning "Joyfull Jewel" first attended the Ipswich centre in He was Ordained in He is currently on the team for our Friday Lunchtime Drop-In class. He currently serves on the centre's Council as Treasurer, responsible for bookkeeping, invoicing, payments, and HMRC and Charity Commission compliance and returns. He also created and leads many of the activities we run in Clacton-on-Sea, as well as the team for our Lunchtime Drop-In class. In he became a private preceptor himself and performed his first ordination in He is a Trustee of the centre and is also the team for our Newcomers Night class and supports other classes, as well as supporting the men training for ordination.

He is also the Centre's Safeguarding Officer and a Trustee. She is on the team for our Dharma Morning class and also leads a women's mitra study group and supports the Young People's Group at the Centre. We are supported by a further team of volunteers helping at classes, buying supplies, maintaining the building, keeping the shrines, and all of the other work required to run the centre.

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We are pleased to be part of Triratna's Sustainable Buddhist Centre programme and our centre has been designed with impact to the environment in mind. Our lighting is low energy, fully dimmable, LED. Our heating system is provided by an A rated eco-boiler, and we have underfloor heating in our main shrine room and have incorporated high amounts of insulation to reduce heat loads. As the senior Order members responsible for ordinations and other Order members at their local Triratna Buddhist Center get to know a person in training for ordination they will discuss their progress.

Ordination is a commitment that requires self-knowledge. It requires experience on the Buddhist path, experience with the Triratna Buddhist Order and Community, and the experience of friendships with Order members. Ordinations are performed by a senior Order member known as a Preceptor, usually in the context of a special ordination retreat. Further reading: Ordination by Moksananda.

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Joining the Order. Order members The Triratna Buddhist Order is a spiritual community of men and women who have pledged themselves to follow the Buddhist path to Enlightenment.

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What Happens in the Triratna Buddhist Order? The Triratna Buddhist Order has around 1, members in 24 countries worldwide.

Joining the Order Ordination is a lifelong commitment. Sign up for our Mailing List! Candradasa, FBA Team. It's exciting to watch as hundreds of thousands of lives are touched by the Dharma each year and, hopefully, made a little brighter by the experience of FBA! Viryaja, Toowoomba, Australia.

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People's hunger for the Dharma is met openly and freely with Free Buddhist Audio. Our little centre library just cannot compete with all that is available here! Sangharakshita, Birmingham, UK. As the founder of the Triratna Buddhist Community, I am very happy to have learned that by the end of this year more than a million talks will have been downloaded - that is a tremendous achievement.


In a famous Sutra, the walls and doors of the enlightened Vimalakirti's house disappear to accommodate hundreds of thousands of beings accompanying Manjusri on a visit. FBA has that kind of magic.