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An explosive, complex and compromised war rages to the north and south, to the east and the west. Two men come to the clearing with a simple task in mind — to kill a man.

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What will you do? A man who wants to visit his girl. A simple task made dangerous and ultimately deadly by a startling intervention.

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Soon, US Marine Corps sniper, Paul Robert Janac has to look deep inside to survive a pulse-pounding jungle manhunt that will leave him with a life-or-death choice. So what will he do, when Reviews for The Defector An excellent drug-smuggling thriller. The Bookseller This is a remarkable thriller - chillingly violent, full of tension and with a very original ending.

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Qantas in-flight magazine. Create Widget. About Mark Chisnell. Learn more about Mark Chisnell.

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North Vietnamese artillery and mortar shells exploded atop American-held Hill 64 slightly north of Khe Sanh Combat Base in the predawn darkness of 8 February Khaki-uniformed troops armed with AK assault rifles, rocket-propelled grenade launchers and satchel charges streamed into the compound. Some of the marines fought from the protection of the trenches and bunkers, while others climbed out of the trenches and charged at the invaders to stop them from reaching the heavy weapons and bunkers. The marines fired M16 assault rifles and M60 machine guns, as well as M79 grenade launchers and one-shot disposable rocket launchers in an effort to check the enemy onslaught.


As the fighting grew in intensity, the shouts and screams of the combatants were drowned out by the roar of incoming artillery shells fired from American and North Vietnamese mortars and howitzers, as each side brought supporting fire to bear on the contested hill. After 90 minutes of fighting, the NVA had captured most of the compound, except for the trenches on the southern side of the stronghold.

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The Communists broke off their attack at dawn. A Marine Corps relief column backed by a section of M48 tanks arrived after daybreak to mop up any remaining resistance. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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