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I was contacted today well technically a few hours ago saying ALL the same things you stated. And they are asking for a lot of money. Is this legit? They are expecting me at noon today. Legit agents are not allowed to ask for fees upfront for what are basically job interviews. Agents make money when YOU get a job. We live in Orange County, CA.

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The problem is that all those franchised schools, and little studios like the performers academy place in Lake Forest, CA, where the level of education also has a lot left to be desired, are not registered by the State. They are not accredited in California. However, acting is like everything else, you need to have skills to book the work. At least not as far our final attempt, which turned out to be good. The ones we were with before, yes. Nothing at all came out of those! Like Barbizon in Costa Mesa where we went also.

Forget it! Children with actual skills in the business, have a better chance at getting signed and especially booking work. So they need training, and acting schools cannot charge percentages. So by law, they can only collect tuition money. I would ask if the school is certified in CA.

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If not then walk, of course. If a school tells you you need to pay to get evaluated, walk. That process should be free. Agents who ask for money up front too. We are very happy with our results.

Not sure the law is the same in all the States, but I feel it should be, and the work is all in Burbank anyway. Good luck! I meant to ask if any of you have heard of Star Bound Talent and of it was legitimate? If you have to ask if something is legit… chances are it is not. Hello, do any of you have any information on Starbound Talent in Toledo,Oh? Thank you.

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  • Toledo Ohio is not a production hub at all. There are plenty, more than could ever get roles, in L. If your child is talented, then they should represent them without upfront payment. Save your money for acting classes. Those would help your child more if they want to act. They are not allowed to cast at these pay to play events. Your registration is tomorrow with PJ at pm at the same place. Reply back with your full name to confirm your spot and commitment and which LEVEL you will register for: Level 1, 2 or 3. Incomplete replies will automatically disqualify you.

    Congratulations again. This is a fake organisation. I worked in this company as a photographer and they just used me for some of their shoots and then when there was no more work, they told me not to come. My story: Heard a radio Ad for casting calls for Disney Channel, local commercials, modeling, etc. To my surprise someone actually picked up.

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    I give the lady who answered my name and email address and she sent me info on my audition time for that Saturday and the script for K-mart that I would have to memorize. Note: there were multiple scripts for different age groups. Auditions took place at the Marriott hotel in Dallas. There are lots of people, about Mainly kids with their parents.

    Ds and giving out registration forms. We go into the large meeting room and SAME people who registered us are there. They would be the judges too! The other two dark haired guys who registered us were in the room. They were both relatively young, not pass their 40s.

    Gia said one of the guys was a top model for Prada back in the day his beer belly was forming nicely so it must have been waaay waay back in the day and the other has a young son who is doing well in this business.

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    She said that we must go through them, i. She says the IMTA event is supposedly huge and key to getting an agent, blah blah blah. Anyways, people are getting excited and kids are getting excited and nervous about not to screwing up their lines. We line up based on our assigned numbers given at registration. The auditions would take place in that same room! Weird huh?!!

    There were 3 table, next to each other, for the 3 judges: Gia, the two other guys. We are told that if chosen for call backs tomorrow, we would be notified between 6pm- 3am because she says the hours of show business are unpredictable. And if chosen we should be prepared with our payments for which level we would like to register for.

    I audition with Gia. It was very short, no longer than 90 seconds. She scribbles some stuff on my paper, gives me no hint of whether she likes my audition or not. That night, I get a text message from Gia around 9 pm because I missed her call a few minutes back saying that I made it for call backs tomorrow Sunday. I do some research online to learn more about Casting and if this is really something I should invest my money in.

    I am livid but happy that I caught this scam in time before I started asking family members to loan me money. False prophets. All of them. Thanks for sharing your story!

    This is crazy. Thank you for writing this. He even admits it himself during the open call screenings. Thank God I came across this site last night. She said she would not be able to send me the contract in advance — company policy.


    She also said she would walk me through all the details during the appointment. Do not fall for this scam! Any shady company that wants people to sign contracts without having the time to actually read what they are signing should be indicted. These companies move city to city, hotel to hotel, making it hard for local officials to actually catch up to them. I went to an audition with Shine. I brought my 8 year old daughter.

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    They had her memorize some lines, which she did, and they also had her sing. She got a callback the next day. I was skeptical to say the least. When I returned for the callback the next day there were a lot less people so that made me feel better already.

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    I had done my homework and found both good and bad about the company as with most companies I suppose. After she made the 2nd audition I reluctantly signed her up to be coached by a Disney celebrity, per my wife and daughters urging. It has been several months now. My daughter loved the coaching provided, her pictures came out great and she has had several audition opportunities.