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It's gets kind of irritating about two thirds of the way through and by the end you just want to yell SHUT UP, but i think you're supposed to.

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You're left having to fill in many visual blanks when it comes to the characters -- as he tends to talk about the clothes more than the people wearing them. But his tales are told in his typically tantalizing manner. You feel like you're getting to know things about unknowable people which tends to make unlikable people appealing. Personally I wanted to plot to go farther faster and the big showdown near the end seemed a little anticlimactic but it's still an enjoyable read and I remain a Dominick Dunne fan. After this though I definitely need to check out his non fiction.

Jan 08, Pooch rated it liked it. Thus ends Gus Bailey. The sense of gloom, melancholy, and sad realizations permeate this book. Though Wallis Simpson famously declared that one cannot be too rich or too thin, the inhabitants of Gus Bailey's New York high society found that too much money can lead to unimaginable challenges and sorrows reflected in the economic crisis of our world.

Yet, the indica Thus ends Gus Bailey. Yet, the indicators in the story lead toward the continuation of shallow "friendships", emphasis on materialistic sensibilities, and the absence of reliable human connections when social and financial status is the primary focus of life. I read this book because I am a fan of the author. This book is weak compared to his body of work and not one that I recommend to anyone except Dominick Dunne fans like me, who feel compelled to read his final work.

Mar 21, Phloe rated it liked it. I liked Dominick Dunne, but then again, I'm biased.

Quite literally, a small man, from an affluent family, beaten in secret by his well-respected surgeon father, upon love-at-first-sight, marries his brother's girlfriend, somehow becomes a part of the Golden Age of Hollywood, gets divorced, fall from grace from saying shit about a fellow producer, becomes poor as shit, daughter gets murdered, becomes the mainstay of Vanity Fair. What the fuck. Too Much Money was definitely Dunne's last hurrah before he died in Thinly veiled pseudonyms gave a reader carte blanche into Dunne's Bailey's every day.

I think I loved reading this book because it's like a episode of 's Columbo: it's all about being a part of the rich bastard NOT getting away with it. Jul 06, Joan Colby rated it it was ok. It is difficult to like this roman a clef of spiteful, shallow characters.

Dunne specializes in pillaring the rich as did Truman Capote a much better writer. To be fair, as this book was published posthumously, Dunne would have not had the opportunity perhaps to make a final check. For a more interesting and balanced look at the world of the very rich, read Louis Auchincloss or Edith Wharton, both insiders, compared It is difficult to like this roman a clef of spiteful, shallow characters. Oct 02, Patsy Chilson rated it it was amazing.

It was a great read made me laugh out loud and the climbers and the society golden spooners and i especially liked the ex-convict humor. Dominick Dunne is a great writer as he moves you through the characters who are all woven together in the webs of life. I recommend this wonderful read! Jun 02, Malcolm Frawley rated it really liked it Shelves: owned. Not just the rich but the stratospherically wealthy - people who seat 60 people in their homes an intimate dinner party or hire the Four Seasons Hotel to throw a shindig for of their closest friends.

For those of us of more modest means these stories can almost be regarded as fantasy. Perhaps not for all tastes but highly recommended nonetheless. Feb 26, E Wilson rated it it was ok. This was a somewhat entertaining book. Gus, a gossip columnist follows the comings and goings of the New York elite. There wasn't too much of a plot. Gus is fighting a lawsuit over something he said publicly that turned out to be false and he's trying to uncover the truth behind the death of one of the multimillionaire crowd.

I don't know the New York social crowd so I didn't know if the characters in the book were based on real people. There is the old money widow downsizing due to diminished weal This was a somewhat entertaining book. There is the old money widow downsizing due to diminished wealth, and the newcomers who have scads of money but not the required pedigree. There are the gay men who are "walkers" or escorts for the wealthy dowagers.

Their lives are filled with elaborate parties, social luncheons, and charity galas. It all got repetitious and a little boring. Jul 18, Maryann Winfield rated it liked it. I did not like ANY of the characters in this book. I read some of the other reviews before I started reading. One of the reviewers commented on the repetition.

One instance of this occurred very early in the book. The first explanation was directed at the reader. The second, identical to the first, was the main character explai I did not like ANY of the characters in this book. The second, identical to the first, was the main character explaining the situation to another character.

That was the only part of the book that I think could have been done better. Dunne wrote well.

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All in all, it was OK. Sep 05, Debbie rated it really liked it. Published posthumously, it seems he wrote it as a farewell to the high society that loved him and hated him, sometimes at the same time. The former because I think he was showing just how money conscious people with money are and the latter because I just think it felt like the way these people spoke; it was amusing. Mar 22, Debbie rated it it was ok.

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I started watching Dominick Dunne when he did commentary on the O. I liked him. I read some of his articles in Vanity Fair. I found out that he was a tremendous snob and a bit of name dropping hanger-on. This was disappointing. This book, the last written before his death is a thinly veiled account of the final years of his life.

As I would expect it featured much talk about money and status. The plot wasn't interesting to me and the characters were universally unappealing. Pondering poi I started watching Dominick Dunne when he did commentary on the O. Pondering point: The people in this book have the most boring and insipid conversations. Are mine and my friends this boring? I don't think so. Well, after thinking about it, maybe we do sometimes talk about hair, clothes and affairs. The difference is that there is no fawning observer to record it.

No one cares about my conversations or pretends they are interesting. Maybe the rich aren't so different after all. Sep 29, Sally Nemetz rated it liked it.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It seemed to me like the story wound round and round then it abruptly ended. He had his hero Gus Bailey die of cancer as did Mr. Dunne around the same time. I am a serious fan of this author based on other novels he has written and am in the process of reading every novel of his I can get my hands on. I am ashamed to rate this book only 3 stars but if I'd never read any other of his books that is what I would have rated this. I never could have done that if he was sitting here in the room with m It seemed to me like the story wound round and round then it abruptly ended.

I never could have done that if he was sitting here in the room with me. I give a generous two stars to this crashing bore of a book, that could as easily be entitled "Too Much Name Dropping. Also, unfortunately, the barely adequate narrators don't help matters. Jul 03, Agatha rated it liked it. A satirical look at the upper echelon of wealthy life in New York City.

Snarky and amusing. No more books to follow, however, as the author died shortly after this one was published. Amusing, interesting read. Nov 09, Becky Motew rated it liked it.

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Maybe he was rushing to finish and didn't have time to read for continuity. Wasn't there an editor for that? I've liked his other work and there's nothing wrong with chick lit for older rich women. Aug 14, KM rated it liked it. Interesting characters and settings, but no real plot that I could discern and not much closure at the end.