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Views: Join CrimeSpace. Absolutely Eileen! There are so many opportunities now for writers to really get their stories out there. It's a story I'm very familiar with coming from the working class suburbs of SoCal. We're known for producing bikers and meth.

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Good luck with all that you do, Eileen and keep me posted! It doesn't offend me, as such, Jeanette, and I thank you for explaining it. I just wanted to point out the effect the popups may have on your potential readership. I'm not against cross-advertising. I've been known to swap favours such as offering authors the chance to advertise their books in the back of my paperback in exchange for their skills.

With technology so rapidly progressing it's a necessity for writers to explore all opportunities that present themselves. I'm sorry it offends you, Eileen.

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It's a monetized video on YouTube. I'm in a partnership with them and we "share" media.

I compose music for others to use on their videos and in return, they place ads. I don't know, I was flattered I had something to offer. Chapter 8: The Saint Is Broken. Chapter The Desert Royals in Exile.

Chapter Josephine and the Gentleman's Timekeeper. Chapter Josephine Finds Work. Chapter The Madness of the King.


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Chapter Josephine's Pennybrides. Chapter The Church of Josephine. Chapter The Unholy Trinity.

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  • Chapter Pieces of Grief. Chapter Josephine's Black Night Beauties. Chapter Frieda's Sin. Chapter Her Daughter's Mother. Chapter Deep in the Posy's Bud.

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    Chapter An Almost Anonymous Man. Chapter Dorothy Bright. Chapter Annabelle's Calling. Chapter The Rules According to Josephine. Chapter The Cherry Vanilla Ghost. Chapter Josephine Pays a Visit.

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    Chapter A Rip in the Blindfold. Chapter Cortez the Killer.

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