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It looks like a little landscape picture. Click this icon to access your Photos archive and choose which snaps to include. Google collects location information for photos, which can be very helpful for organizing and searching your archive, but it might not be something you want to reveal when you share images with others. As much fun as it is to look at photos on a screen, sometimes you just want to hold a real book in your hand.

Ready to get moving? This is especially entertaining if you have a sequence of action shots that go together. This lets you select up to 50 photos or videos to put into a slideshow video. You can customize your creation by choosing different filters and selecting a soundtrack. You can share your movie creation with friends or publish it to social media or YouTube. Google applies its high-level search expertise to sorting your photos, so you can search by location or look for particular objects.

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If you use Photos in a web browser, then look for the subtle timeline of dates along the side. You can use this to quickly navigate to a specific period. You can also type a month or year or even a specific date into the search box to find photos. Google uses machine learning to visually sort out different pets. Click on the search bar and look for the row of faces that appear in little round circles.

Click on a face and you now have an option to add a name by typing it in or choosing it from your contacts.

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Pro tip: you can also name your pets this same way. Pop open your Google Photos app, go to the search bar, and, instead of typing in text, choose an emoji for your search term. A cat emoji will return feline photos, a happy-face emoji will get pictures of smiling people, and a birthday cake will give you birthday-related images. Figures in the Landscape is a collection of photos of these fabulous women taken on location in the desert, mountains and at the beach.

These bodies are photographed as part of the natural landscape, the wonders of gorgeous female muscle juxtaposed with the natural wonders of impressive landscapes. Product Details. Average Review.

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Write a Review. Related Searches. Mijn tweede bundel Novellen, verschenen in de tweede druk, waarbij ik mij liet leiden door Mijn tweede bundel Novellen, verschenen in de tweede druk, waarbij ik mij liet leiden door ware gebeurtenissen, doorspekt met fantasie. Veel van deze verhalen zijn gepubliceerd op de site van Woordenstroom, na een hoge beoordeling van de jury of door View Product.

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After a decade of making bicycles available for community use and over loaned bikes our experience has proven the utility of bicycle Better Parenting Decisions. Your 2-year-old won't let you put on his shoes. Your 4-year-old There are many search engines out there, but which one is the best for you? Read More can be selected in the Settings screen see Chapter 8. The Amazon Fire comes with a software keyboard that appears on the device display when required, usually to enter information.

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This might happen automatically when you are required to complete a form for setting up email or connecting to Wi-Fi, or it might happen when you tap into a text field. A good example is the Search box. It's outdated and outclassed by several alternatives, yet it's still the most popular keyboard layout in the world.

How did we get here? Entering information is easy — just type with your fingers — and any mistakes can be dealt with using the backspace key on the right-hand side. If you need to make any changes to the text you have entered tap your finger in the text entry field and add or delete more text. You can drag the cursor into position, if necessary.

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Copy and paste is also available. Using the keyboard can prove difficult at times due to the size of the Amazon Fire display. In both portrait and landscape modes, using it results in almost half of the screen being dedicated to the keyboard. With your high-speed, full-color, media-consuming tablet all set up, you can spend all of your free time enjoying books, magazines and browsing the web at your leisure.

Additionally, you can also install and launch apps courtesy of the Amazon App Store, an online marketplace providing apps for your Amazon Fire. When you see an app with an interesting title, tap to open the description page.

Here you will find details about the product, screenshots and reviews from other users and recommendations for other similar and perhaps better apps. To install an app, you must first have a credit card associated with your account, just as with purchasing books. This is the case whether the app or game is free or paid. Before doing this, however, you will need to ensure that your Amazon Fire is setup for installing apps from third party locations. Doing this will open up the entire Android app selection to your tablet, but note: not everything will work as intended.


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It would be wise for device safety not to install any apps from any location that cannot be already found in the Amazon App Store or the official Google Play Store for Android devices. You can make your Fire tablet look just like stock Android. There are several places on your Amazon Fire where you will find your installed apps.

The second place is the Apps screen. Finally, the Recents screen provides links to all recently-used apps, games, and media.

From time to time, you will probably decide that you no longer wish to keep an app on your Amazon Fire. Or you can use Remove from Device to uninstall. In most cases you should be able to manage with the apps provided free as part of the operating system. In addition to these, the usual Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn social networking apps are available, along with alternative browsers, email clients, and even eBook reading software and media players!

Note, however, that some apps are complete trash. As such, please stick to the most trustworthy apps with the best star ratings and reviews. First, the device is expandable, up to GB. All you need to do is buy a microSD card and insert it into the slot. But even without this, Amazon Prime is designed to provide your Amazon Fire with a marketplace and digital distribution over Wi-Fi, streaming content directly to your device for your enjoyment. To enjoy this, the Amazon Fire is equipped with a media player capable of playing back music and video stored on your device and streamed to it from the web.

And as an Amazon produced device, reading eBooks, magazines and comics is simple.

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On your computer, open your file manager for instance, Windows Explorer , and find the tablet listed as a new drive. With the drive open, you will see several folders. Key among these are the Books, Documents, Music, Pictures, and Video directories — these are the locations where you will copy the appropriate media. You can then remove the USB cable and start enjoying the synced content! As a product that comes straight from Amazon, the Amazon Fire is designed as a media consumption device — a receiver for digital distribution.

This means that several Amazon services are integrated, such as Amazon Prime.