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Once you understand why the UN endorses edible insects as a way to address food scarcity, the sustainability aspect and its nutrition factor, people begin to grasp why this is a significant movement.

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People perk up because it hits really important issues for our world and for how we're going to interact and engage as humans with the world around us. For me as a private chef for seven years at the time, the New York Times never cared about what kind of lobster I was cooking or if I put caviar or truffle on it.

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The fact that they showed interest in this, along with major outlets like NPR, and the overall level of interest in this movement was and has been extremely rewarding. To be able to be a part of something that disrupts the system and challenges Americans to redefine their relationship with food is fascinating and it hits a lot of interesting points for me. The danger that exists for this movement of edible insects is that a lot of times people think if you advocate eating bugs, that you have to give up everything else and just eat insects which is simply crazy.

Think about how often you eat your favorite protein, maybe you eat it once a month, right? What Yoon is trying to do is have edible insects enter into the mainstream so that it is considered a normal food source. These are not the pests in your house or the bugs in your backyard. Meat has an enormous water footprint.

Why Edible Insects Are the Next Superfood Trend

For example, did you know that nearly gallons of water is needed to produce just a pound of beef? In comparison, it takes just one gallon to produce the same amount of cricket protein.

People Eating Bugs, Amazing Food from Insects, Are Bugs the Future of Food?

According to the FAO , entomophagy should be encouraged for three reasons which include:. Our mission is to engage people that include scientists, children, entomologists, bug enthusiasts and artists because this engagement allows people to start talking about consuming bugs and normalizing it. It brings people closer in familiarity and allows people to start the acceptance process. Black ants and scorpions with lobster.

When Yoon presents cooking with bugs to award-winning chefs, the response is generally very positive. Chefs have an innate desire to create, innovate and do things that are new, he explains. When I approach them about edible insects, it appeals immediately to their sense of curiosity. From acclaimed chefs to scientists and food researchers, Yoon has been able to connect with impactful people and organizations who want to help promote eating insects.

Yoon has recently teamed up San Diego State University and a panel of professional tasters, aka top chefs, to produce a flavor bible which will help anyone interested in cooking with insects understand how to best utilize their flavors. At Entomo, crickets are raised from egg and are grown to maturity in six weeks in large bins. The crickets are then rinsed in boiling water, baked and ground into a powder.

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Others are seasoned as snacks. Roughly 60 percent of the business is cricket powder, a gray, dry substance that can be added to breads, soups and other baked goods. Yet the health benefits you're getting for putting that cricket powder in there is remarkable. It's too expensive.

Older and Wiser?

Cheap beef is too expensive, for our health and for the environment. It's one of 30 companies in the U. Aly Moore holds insect-eating events, like bug and wine pairings. She's considered all the various flavor arcs and tastes of each bug: Crickets and meal worms are nutty and earthy; waterbugs, locusts and scorpions take on a seafood-like flavor; and grubs harness a meaty and savory taste.

Insects appeal to gluten-free and paleo eaters, she said. The prebiotics and fibers are good for the elderly. But the "ick factor" is very real, she said. She's had grown adults cry out of fear, some people reject them on patriotic grounds while kids react the most positively, out of curiosity. However, Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev.

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The industry sees other opportunities in dog and cat food and animal feed. Goldin said the industry simply isn't big enough to be mainstream — at least not yet. Entomo is producing at capacity and sold all of its crickets in