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Today we have over affiliates who bring traffic to our site. If that traffic converts to revenue then the referring affiliate gets a piece. After 18 months of development, which included integrating an automatic subscription billing component, we launched our service. We ended up offering an extended free trial for anyone who signed up during that time. About a month later we were able to charge customers again. Build or buy a portfolio of income producing web sites. They can and should be on a variety of topics. For example, one on running shoes, one on gardening, one on dating, on on best BBQs to buy, etc.

Get about 10 of them.

Born To Sell Investment Software Named Finalist in TraderPlanet STAR Awards for Third Year in a Row

Then build back links to increase their organic search rankings which, in turn, increases the amount of free traffic you get. Monetize the sites with Google AdSense where Google pays you to put their ads on your sites and affiliate programs Amazon is most common, but there are others. Once you get this portfolio humming will take a year or two you can sell it for 30x monthly profit.

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Where did the idea for Born to Sell come from? What does your typical day look like and how do you make it productive? How do you bring ideas to life?

What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive as an entrepreneur? What advice would you give your younger self?

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In life, you make your own luck. As an entrepreneur, what is the one thing you do over and over and recommend everyone else do? What is one strategy that has helped you grow your business? What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur, and how did you overcome it? What and why? The jobs were often far away, we had to work night shift in the schools, and in the summer we would work weekends. I got very little sleep, so when I was home I was often tired and grumpy. The years go by so fast, and as I could see time slipping away I knew I had to make a choice.

I had to do something. About a year prior to this, my wife had become a retailer for LuLaRoe. As I continued travelling to Philadelphia for work every day, she began selling dresses and leggings from our basement. She worked hard and built herself a nice little home business. Several months later we found out we were pregnant with our fifth child. This was quite a surprise and as we contemplated how she was going to run her business, look after our other children, keep up with the housework, and care for an infant, a plan began to formulate in my mind.

I could quit my job and help her sell clothes.

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We began to flesh it out, and talk about what that would look like. My wife has always been very supportive of me following my dreams and she loves a good adventure, so she was willing to give it a shot. Two weeks before my son was born, I quit my job. Am I crazy? Maybe, but I had to find out. I had to know if I could do it.

I had to follow my heart. I had to see if I could fill that void in my life.

Investment Strategies 101 - Learn about Covered Calls with Born to Sell

That was almost a year ago now. It has been hard. We work a lot, and times are tight.


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OK, what do you do once you set up a covered call? Just sit back and wait for expiration?

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A lot can happen between now and expiration. And that means you have a lot of choices to make along the way.

I Quit My 6-Figure Job Right Before My Fifth Child Was Born… To Sell Dresses

Do you close a position early? Should you roll the call? You can make better decisions and make them easily and more quickly when you can compare right in front of you, in real time, and without having to run a bunch of calculations yourself, all your options no pun intended. Born to Sell's Dashboard screen, in particular, not only gives you the current status of your positions remaining time value, potential upside, intrinsic value, etc. If you're a visual learner, or visual processor, you should at least take a look at it.

The site features a comprehenseive but easy to follow tutorial on all things covered calls.

And this is available for members and nonmembers alike. It's a free resource, and useful for anyone new to covered calls or looking for a refresher.